Are you the type of person who loves their independence while hunting?

Drop Camps are designed for the independent hunter. We have several drop campsites to choose from.

You supply: Tent, stove, camping gear, hunting gear, food, kitchen utensils, and all gear necessary for an 8 day stay in the wilderness.

We supply: A ride to the Wilderness, Wilderness hunting territory to hunt, horses and mules to get you safely to your campsite with all your gear and groceries, a guide to pack up all your gear and guide you to camp, and to pick you up when your hunt is through and pack you out.

You and your companions will be dropped off with your gear, food and camp, and left without livestock or guide, to hunt on your own for 8 days.

*We occasionally have a tent and stove to rent.

Base Camp for our Fully Guided Guests

There’s no better feeling than to come back to a warm, comfortable camp after a long day hiking and hunting around the mountains!  Great Bear Outfitting offers the ultimate in wall tent comfort in our base camp. We strive to keep a clean, comfortable, warm camp with coffee on and firewood at the ready! We have a video upon request.