110 Square Miles
50 Miles of River
5 Guided Trips
8 Days In The Wilderness

The Experience

By horseback, we travel a fair stretch of trail where our base camp is located. The camp offers fine views and provides good access to the surrounding Drainages. The area in which we hunt encompasses approximately 110 square miles and ranges from 4,400 feet in the creek bottoms to 7,700 feet along the ridge tops. The entire area was the site of an old burn, which created good feeding areas in the form of open hillsides and grassy ridges. The valleys are now forested and serve as cover for elk, moose, and mule deer. For the next eight days you’ll hunt through terrain that I so wild that is still supports a resident grizzly bear population. These days will start early- hot breakfast and then a short walk or horseback ride to the area to be hunted. We try to be in a favorable position by first light. We use a variety of hunting methods, depending on the time of year, the animal we’re after, the weather and the ability of the hunter. During the evenings there will be opportunity to fish the creek for native cutthroat trout or just loaf around the peaceful camp

Why Choose Us

The Great Bear Wilderness is composed of some very fine county and the hunting is superb. Our success is due to a number of factors: We only book small groups of hunters, the camp is located in a remote area, our guides are experienced, and we work hard. We have been hunting this area for many years and feel that it is one of the most productive and scenic areas in northwestern Montana. We would like to offer you the opportunity for what we feel would be an outstanding big game hunt. We hope you will join us.

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Jerrods Bull